Stream Bank Stabilization

Stream channels, streambanks, and associated areas are dynamic and sensitive ecosystems that respond to changes in land use activity. Streambank and channel disturbance as well as activity on adjourning lands can increase the stream’s sediment load, which can cause channel erosion or sedimentation and have adverse affects on organisms living in or near the water.

More and more land custodians -- private owners, businesses, and government agencies -- are beginning to recognize their responsibilities reguarding the streams running through or along their property. Not only do streams support a wide variety of fish, birds and other wildlife, they perform valuable hydrological functions, contribute to groundwater recharge, improve water quality, and offer recreational and economic benefits. Restoring our lost and degraded streams to their natural state is essential to ensure the health of America's watershed.

Proper wetland restoration or creation is a complex process that requires careful planning, implementation, monitoring, and management. And that's where Enchanted Gardens can help. We have years of experience in renewing natural wetlands that have been lost or degraded, creating new wetlands and producing new ecosystems.

Enchanted Gardens Services

  • Consultation
  • Wetland Construction
  • Delineation
  • Stream bank Stabilization
  • Buffer Strips
  • Wetland Nursery

So contact us and let Enchanted Gardens show you how a wetland project can enhance your land.

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